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Thank you for visiting our website, home of the LiFE and Engender apps. Previously a series of language applications for iPhone was created with Engender and we want to share it with everyone who wants to design their own app. Our website is not quite complete yet. So pardon our dust during the laborious construction phase. However, feel free to browse through the entire website, meet your future personal assistant(s). All sample videos are actual videos in its native iPhone full-screen size.

Until our website is fully functional, if you have any support issues, please email us at support@1to1class.com. Thank you for being patient with us.

LiFE Series:

What is LiFE? It shorts for Learning interactive For Executives.

LiFE German
LiFE Italian
LiFE Russian
LiFE Spanish
LiFE Chinese
LiFE Japanese
LiFE French
Easy German

Productivity Series:

One Tap Voice Memos for iPhone (June 14th, 2011)

iPad Apps:

One Tap Voice Memos
iHeart France
LiFE German HD
LiFE Italian HD
LiFE Russian HD
LiFE Spanish HD
LiFE Chinese HD
LiFE Japanese HD
LiFE French HD
Easy German HD
Disaster Preparedness Guide
Suggestion Box Pro (Available September 30, 2011)

Coming Soon:

Engender Kiosk
Engender Showroom
Engender Classroom

Visit Us at CES 2011 Show, the world's largest consumer electronic show. Our booth number is 3938. Be amazed!

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LiFE Italian LiFE German LiFE Russian LiFE Russian LiFE French LiFE Japanese LiFE Chinese LiFE English Easy German