Create New Lessons

Enough of being told what to learn. It is time for you to be creative. Embark your journey and begin creating lessons that you will remember. Most importantly, create lessons that are enjoyable. Keep them password protected or share them with friends. Believe it or not, you can do it in minutes. Here is how...

Create Lessons

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This is a powerful application where you can create your own set of lessons. An intelligent user interface allows you to create a meaningful lesson in as little as 60 seconds. Try this: tap at the [+] button to add a new lesson. Tap at Image, select Camera, take a picture. Tap at Media, select audio, tap at the Mic button, record your own voice or your teacher's voice, give it a thumbs up. Save it. Sounds too good to be true? Let's do it one step at a time.

New Lesson - Image Options

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Wow! You can create new image 4 different ways: 1) pick an image from the photo album, 2) take a picture using iPhone camera (not available for iPod Touch), 3) doodle an image with your fingers, and 4) use any image from the Internet (please observe copyrights and use them only for your personal learning). Photo album and Camera options are self-explanatory. Internet option is very intuitive by automatically finding images that match to your subject. For example, if you enter "Apples," lots of images of apples from Internet will be shown. You can then choose the appropriate one and save it. This option requires an Internet connection. Don't worry, if the Internet is not connected or slow, the application will warn you.

New Lesson - Doodle Option

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Directly from inside the application, you can create your own image using the doodle feature. Once you choose doodle, tap at the Setup button at the bottom right of the page. This option screen is so simple, you can 1) type a caption (which is optional), 2) select the background color, 3) select the foreground color, and 4) choose the size of your pen. That's it. Now, let your inner artist genius emerge!

New Lesson - Doodle Sample

Sample image

Here is a simple sample of a doodle image that took 3 seconds to complete. Here you have the red background, black drawing, and a translucent caption.

You can select different colors, different pen sizes, and change the background to create your masterpiece. Don't worry, if you don't like it, you can start over.

New Lesson - Doodle Buttons

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To hide and see the buttons in your doodle screen, you tap quickly anywhere in your screen. [Thumb Up] button is to save it and exit, [Thumb Down] button is to exit without saving the changes, the empty [Picture Frame] button is to start a new image, and the [Wrench] button is to setup colors, sizes, and caption. Be sure to give it a thumbs up when you done. You can always edit it later.

New Lesson - Record Voice

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Recording is super simple. Just tap at the [Mic] button and start! You will see the counter. Make it short, possibly no longer than 10 seconds so it would be easy to learn later. Of course you can create as many as you want.

Now, when done, you can tap at the [Mic] button to stop, or [Earphone] button to play. You can also tap at [Thumbs Up] button to save and exit, or [Thumbs Down] button to exit without saving the your new recording or change.

Note: For iPod Touch, you would need an earphone with build-in mic to record.

New Lesson - Record Video

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This is probably the only app that allows your iPhone 3GS to record and save videos in both portrait and landscape modes. Just select video, and begin recording of your new lesson. Save it and play back anytime! Now suddenly, your adventure is becoming more interesting. To achieve a high quality recording, we recommend you use proper lighting, use a tripod and limit your recording time to under 30 seconds each. Plan ahead will definitely yield better result. Then again, using your iPhone 3GS, you can go anywhere! Remember, you can also share your lessons with anybody via email. The recipients do not need an iPhone to play.

New Lesson - Organize

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Organize your new lesson by assigning it a proper category. You can create a new category by typing the name, in English, Italian, or any other language available using the iPhone's international keyboard. Once a new category is created, it will always be available in the selection list.

You can leave the Subject and Type as their default values, which is "Unknown". For example, you are out on an event and meeting plenty of potential lesson opportunities, you may want to quickly take many pictures, record the voices, and then classify them when you have the moment later.

New Type

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If you create a new category, you can also edit the content of this category. You can choose an image and enter a descriptive text, which will be shown on the Home page. You can also use an existing lesson's image as the representative of this category by just tap at the button "Use Image as Type Thumbnail."

New Lesson - Take Note

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Now you have a picture, which is worth a thousand words. You also have the recording voice or video, which is even more valuable. For those of you who love to write, here is a page you can type all you want. You can add note for each new lesson or category. You can always edit them later as well.

Use this page to take notes. Examples are: translation, occasion, teacher's name, email address, telephone number, expression, alternate phrases, etc. Basically you can write where, when, what, why, who, and how. There is no limit on the length of your note. But, be brief and have fun.

Advanced users: note page supports HTML codes. You can change background, change font sizes, font types, font colors. You can also add images from Internet, link to external URL pages, include audios and videos from Internet links.

When all done, tap at the Save button to save your lesson. If there is no image or no audio created, there will be an indicator "None" under the title to remind you in case you do want to add them. For the images that were created with Camera, Photo Album, or Internet, you can add a quick caption by tapping at Image field and choose Doodle option/Caption to add caption.

New Lesson - Added

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As soon as you saved your new lesson or new category, it will appear in the Category Page as well as the Home Page. For example, the image above shows a new category "Family" being added. It will blend in seamlessly. You can enjoy your new lesson immediately.

New Lesson - Image + Audio

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The new lesson you created can be played immediately. The behavior is exactly the same as the original lessons. For audio only lesson, it will display the image, and play the audio in the background. After you have a chance to review the image, the application will then display the buttons. This is designed to minimize your tapping. Of course, you don't have to wait and you can tap at any part of the screen to activate the buttons.

The buttons are: 1) [Home] button to take you back to home view, 2) [Previous] button to take you to previous lesson, 3) [Next] button to take you to next lesson, 4) [Text] button to take you to the lesson's information page, and 5) [Email] button to email this lesson.

Email Lesson

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All lessons in the application can be emailed directly from the application. That is assuming that you already have your email set up properly. Simply, tap at the [Email] button and enter the [To] addressee, and tap [Send]. All information, including Subject, Type, Date, Detail Note, the Image in Jpeg format, and the audio and video (if available), will be included in the email. You can edit the content before sending the email.

The good news is that upon the completion of the email send, you are still inside the application and you can continue your lessons.

Delete Lesson

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You can delete a lesson from the list. Just swipe the lesson and confirm deletion.

Download Customized Lesson

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Inside the Help screen, there is a [Key] button. It is reserved for the future, where you want to download customized lessons. You will be provided an URL link first, along with a detailed instruction, then you will enter the URL link from this screen.