Conversation with Sebastian in German (iPhone & iPad HD)


Conversation with Sebastian in German

★★★★★ Great news for anyone who wants to learn German on the quick. Easy German comes with your German buddy - Sebastian, who will tutor you, face to face, on demand. Converse in German within minutes!

★★★★★ Learn German while you wait at the airport, hotel lobby, or in a taxi. Sebastian will teach from the basics to the most complicated business phrases. When you have extra time, He will give you an executive tour of the beautiful Germany, its history, people, economy, and international trade.

★★★★★ The true gem of the app is its ability to grow with you. You can download, capture and store live videos, audios, and images. You can create simple notes, doodle your ideas, or write advanced HTML pages directly from inside the app. No more canned language learning and boring dictionaries, let your learning come alive. You can even password protect your notes and videos. You can share your learning with friends or clients. Stop dreaming, get the Easy German!

New York Times 01-27-10: "... The company plans on integrating text with a native speaker pronouncing the language, and providing the option for voice recording and live video feeds..." The plan from this "other" company is already a reality in our app, plus we have plenty of new features.

★★★★★ Compare our app with the leading language learning software in the market. Below is a list of our features:

✔ Image (word or phrase association)
✔ Sound
✔ Record Audio
✔ Video
✔ One to one guidance
✔ Instant On (super fast)
✔ Create New Image via Camera
✔ Create New Image from any photos
✔ Create New Image from Internet Sources
✔ Create New Image via build-in doodle feature
✔ Change Existing Image via Camera
✔ Change Existing Image from any photos
✔ Change Existing Image from Internet Sources
✔ Change Existing Image via build-in doodle feature
✔ Change Audio
✔ Record New Video in Landscape Mode
✔ Record New Video in Portrait Mode
✔ Automatic Video Orientation
✔ Auto Learning Auto Play Mode
✔ Page Turning with Fingers
✔ Password Protect
✔ Create New Categories
✔ Create New Lessons
✔ Create Simple Notes
✔ Create Advanced Notes using HTML
✔ In-app link to online Free German/English Dictionary
✔ Direct Download
✔ Email Lessons
✔ Number of Lessons for expansion - Unlimited
✔ Live Recording
✔ Search Feature
✔ Auto Caption
✔ Large Thumbnail Quick Reference Mode
✔ Greetings
✔ Random Mode
✔ Customized Background
✔ User Settings
✔ Portable
✔ iPad Ready (at high resolution)
✔ Cost - Under $10
✔ Upgrade - Free

You can spend $300+ for the leading language software that offers only the first 3 features on the list, or you can have everything on the list, with unlimited upgrades, for one low price.

P.S. Be sure to check out French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese LiFE.

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iPad version in HD available June 14th, 2011
Easy German