This application has been tested by dozens of users over a 3-month period of time before its release. All our users have been testing the application with multiple combination of usages. We also "burn in" the application by letting it run for hours using the auto-play mode. We have experienced no problems at all. However, the fact that it is so advanced with hundred of possibilities, plus possible external iPhone memory issues, your application may act not according to its normal behavior. Not to worry, the application is completely independent from all other applications, thus it is non-destructive. Here are some possible symptoms and solutions:

Edit Existing Lessons

Do you know that you can edit existing lessons? Just tap at the little arrow symbol to the right of each lesson bar. Then the edit mode will appear, just like adding a new lesson. Here, you can change anything, including the videos. If you want to use a different language, make sure that language is enabled via your device setup.

No Sound

Check your volume. Also the application supports iPhone and the newer generation of iPod Touch. Older iPod Touch would require earphone to hear the sound.

Application exits unexpectedly

Spend 30 seconds to reboot your iPhone and try again. If the problem reoccurs and it is consistent, please contact us.

Application freezes

Try the solution above.

Unable to record

Application supports iPhone and the newer generation of iPod Touch. Even with the newer generation of iPod Touch, you would require an earphone to record voice. Older versions of iPod Touch cannot record voice with its standard accessory.

Unable to take pictures

Only iPhone supports the camera feature. The camera function will not even appear on your application if you are using anything other than iPhone.

Unable to retrieve images from Internet

Please be reminded that you do not need Internet connection to run this application. Only email and image retrieval from internet feature would require the Internet connection. You must connect to the Internet. Make sure that you have either wi-fi enabled and connected, or you have strong 3G signals.

Unable to send emails from inside the application

Email is usually being sent instantly. However, if you are sending a large recording file, it may take longer. Or, if your connection speed is very slow it may take longer time. You can continue whatever you are doing or even exit the application. Your iPhone email function will queue up your emails and send them when the connection signals are strong.

Unable to play voice recording from my computer

The voice recording is done in its original high quality sound. The file format is supported by both PC and Mac. However, to play on any Windows based PC, you would need the free Quick Time player. Your email should prompt you to install the free Quick Time player or you can do it manually. You need to do it just once.

How to reset your iPhone

You reset the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button at the top of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time. Hold them both for a few seconds until the screen turns black. Wait for a few seconds then turn the iPhone on again. Resetting your iPhone will not lose any of your data or setting. In fact it is a good practice once in awhile if you are using your iPhone a lot.

Special Note

The application currently does not support export function. If you have added some very important lessons and you wish to back them up, we suggest that you email them to yourself. If the feature is implemented in our next release, we will update our application and you will receive the free update from iTunes store. Also, as much as we try to achieve the best quality application as possible, there is always a possibility of some unexpected glitches. If that happens, we will try to resolve any issues as quickly as humanly possible. We will not be responsible for any errors that the application causes, including but not limited to incorrect translation or pronunciation. This application is not intended to replace your professional learning of a second language. But, we sure want you to have a lot of fun learning. Your positive feedback is so important to us and our future success, please let us know first if there is any negative comment you might have. We and your personal assistant, want to earn a honest 5-star from you. Thank you in advance. =)

One more thing: the learning can be extremely addictive. Please, do not use the application while driving or walking on the street. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the fun of learning.