User Settings

From Home page, you can tap at the [Settings] button from the Tool Bar at the bottom of the screen. It is completely optional, but you can tweak the app to accommodate your preferences. Here is some additional information:


Sample image

Slide and Lesson Display Mode - here you can change the image before and after display duration, choose a different animation for the page flipping, and control the auto slide timing. For example, you can set auto slide to NEVER, and shorten the Image Display durations.

Audio Recording - here you can set the quality of audio recording and limit the duration.

Video Recording - here you can set the quality of video recording and limit the duration. You can also disable the video recording. Again, this setting only apply to iPhone devices with video recording capability. We recommend you to leave the quality to medium, which will fill the iPhone screen in very good quality. Use high quality if you want to email a large video screen to someone else.

Greeting - here you can set startup videos. We recommend you to leave it as is. You can switch to random if you want to be greeted by a different video every time you launch the app.

Image Control - here you can set default Internet Link where you want to retrieve images from the Internet. You can choose from many exiting options or create your own link. You can also turn Auto Caption on. Turning on auto caption will automatically insert a caption to all your new lessons using the subject you entered. If the subject is unknown, the caption will not be created. You can also customize your background images.

Email - here you can enable or disable the emailing of Image, Audio, and/or video.

Protection - here you can set the password. Please remember the password as there is no other way to recover it except to completely restore your application. Set the password only if you have confidential personal data you do not wish anyone to see it.