One Tap Voice Memos (iPhone & iPad HD)

Voice Memos Recording Screen
The One Tap Voice Memos app is the perfect iPad companion for saving your best thoughts, memorable speeches, and lectures. No additional microphone necessary.

Designed specifically for the iPad's elegance and simplicity, it allows you to record any number of audio recordings straight from your iPad. The app works with literally one tap: one to start the application and begin recording. After a set timer, the recording will stop on its own. Tap once more to start over. Recording voice memos could not be easier.

Take advantage of portrait and landscape modes to suit your mood.

Voice Memos Category Screen

Create and customize categories to organize your voice memos the way you want them. Add memorable notes and images to each category. Designate default categories for voice memos.

Annotate Recordings

Supplement your recordings with personal notes and personalized images. Then play them back individually or in a sequence. This powerful app allows you to capture and track your personal information with images, text, and audio. You can even doodle hand-written notes.

Voice Memos Recordings Screen

Record as many voice memos as you want for each category. Create an additional layer of protection through a password to keep your memos private. The numerous combination of settings provide a rich feature set to maximize your flexibility.

Discover the power of this application as it takes your productivity and creativity to new heights via the iPad.

Additional Backgrounds

You can also customize background images for any screen within the app. Download free additional high resolution backgrounds by clicking on the image to the left. Copy them to your iPad and then select them from your photo album via the application settings. Please note that these images are copyrighted by and are authorized only for use with the One Tap Voice Memos application.

For more usage details and functionality, please reference our detailed FAQ and Feature Usage page.

The app includes several beautiful and inspiring images courtesy of Watkins Media and Brauner Microphones.

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Now also available for iPhone/iPod Touch 4 Gen (June 14th, 2011)
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