FAQ - One Tap Voice Memos Questions and Feature Usage

This FAQ contains a series of useful questions and suggestions for taking advantage of the numerous features of the application. While you can use it with only one tap, go ahead and customize the settings so it'll behave the way you want. Take a look below and surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Q: Is it really as easy as a single tap to use this application to record voice memos?
Yes. When the app launches, there is a countdown, and then a beep prompt that indicates recording has begun. After the set time, the recording automatically stops. That took literally one tap to create one recording, the one where you tapped on the app icon. To make another recording, tap anywhere on the screen and the process repeats. Do this as many times as you like.

If you would like to stop the recording before the recording time limit is reached, simply tap anywhere on the screen.

Q: Does this one tap functionality anywhere on the iPad’s large screen make it a perfect voice recorder while driving?
While designed with ease of use in mind, One Touch Voice Memos should NOT be used while driving. Any distraction while driving is detrimental to road safety and we urge everyone not to operate the iPad under any situation while driving.

Q: How do I playback my recordings?
There are two ways to do it. First exit the recording screen by tapping the red power button on the upper right corner. Now you should see a list of your recordings. Tap on any of them to play back individually. To play all of them, tap on the arrow icon on the bottom of the screen.

NOTE (for the latest version): While Playing Back Your Voice Memo, Single Tap to Import an Image, Double Tap to Activate the Toolbar.

Q: How do I delete recordings or categories?
Go to the list of recordings, and find the one you want to delete. Swipe either left or right on anywhere of the recording row, and a delete button will appear. Tap the button to confirm deletion, tap anywhere else to cancel. Deleting categories works similarly.

Q: Why suddenly the Setting is gone and deleting no longer working?
Don't panic. You must have accidentally turned off the feature. Simply go to your device setting. On the left panel, find the "Voice Memos" app that matches the One Tap Voice Memos icon, tap at it. You will notice that there is a switch to turn on and off the Viewer Only mode. Turn it off and you will again be able to go to setting and delete unwanted messages. Likewise, you can always turn it on to protect your recordings to be accidentally deleted or your settings being changed. We, however, recommend you to keep this setting to OFF.

Q: How can I change the beep prompt, the timing of the countdown, the recording time?
Under the first set of settings labeled “instant”, you can change the “Start Warning” and “Stop Warning” prompts. By default it’s set to beep. However, you can modify it to your own custom prompt, or set it on silent for no prompt at all.

For the timers, go to the settings group labeled “Item Audio”. The “Recording Timer” is the countdown before recording starts. There are several options there, including no delay. The recording time is under “Time Limit”. There are also options there, including a no limit selection.

Q: How do I change the default image shown during the recording?
Under the first set of settings labeled “instant”, you can customize the background images that appear during recording. Select either the portrait or landscape photos, then select the + sign on the bottom, and you can choose an alternate picture. The dimensions for portrait and landscape backgrounds on the iPad are 768x1024 and 1024x768. To get started, you can download additional background images from our website for free.

Q: What is “stealth mode”?
Stealth mode is perfect for recording lectures and speeches without being disruptive to others with the prompts. Simply set both “Start Warning” and “Stop Warning” settings to silent and the app will operate quietly. Remember that since you can tap anywhere on the screen to begin and and end recording, you can keep your attention on the speaker and never look down to use the app.

You can further enhance the stealth-ness of your recording options by choosing a different image shown during recording, and set the “VM Controls Alpha” to a low setting to dim the exit button. These settings combined will let you make recordings without anybody noticing.

Q: I emailed a voice memo to my employee but he couldn't play it. Why not?
The voice file is sent as a .caf file, which requires QuickTime to playback. This usually occurs on PCs since Macs come with QuickTime installed. Ask your employee to install QuickTime and he will be able to playback your instructional audio. You can download QuickTime from Apple’s website for free.

Q: What are the differences of the various audio quality? What are the sampling rates and file size per minute for each quality setting?
There are five audio quality settings: low, medium, high, maximum, lossless. The higher the quality, the more space the audio file takes up on your device. The default is set on medium and is good enough to handle all your voice memo needs. For the audiophiles, here are the specifications for each quality level.

Sampling Rates and Approximate File Sizes: (KPM = KB per minute, MPH = MB per hour)
Low - MPEG4 ACC, 11025, 1 channel, 198KPM/12MPH
Medium - MPEG4 ACC, 22050, 1 channel, 360KPM/22MPH
High - MPEG4 ACC, 44100, 1 channel, 700KPM/40MPH
Maximum - MPEG4 ACC, 44100, 2 channels, 1140KPM/68MPH
Lossless - Lossless 22050, 1 channel, 1300KPM/80MPH

Q: How do I change the default category my recordings get filed under?
Under the first set of settings labeled “instant”, there is a “Default Voice Memo Folder” that allows you to choose the default category for your recordings.

Q: How do I edit the recording item, such as making notes or adding images?
Under the list of recordings, tap on the right arrow to enter the edit menu. From there you can make your changes.

Q: How do I doodle over an image, to make notes or add marks?
First you access the image via the edit menu. This will show the image. Then tap on the right most icon to pull up the doodle settings, where you can choose a color and brush size. Then you can hand draw or write your notes over the image. For best results, write your notes slowly and deliberately. When you’re done, hit the check icon on the bottom left. If you make a mistake in your doodling, you can start over by tapping the “x” icon. Then tap the image option to bring you back to the screen where you can start another doodle.

Q: Can I take notes while making recordings?
Unfortunately not at the moment. Since the app is optimized for easy recordings, tapping anywhere on the screen will stop the recording. We've added this to our list of enhancements, a simultaneous note taking and audio recording mode.

Q: My app doesn't work. When I click on the icon screen goes black as if loading but then returns to main screen without opening. Please help.
Sometimes the app doesn't successfully install due to various reasons. Simply delete the app and re-installing it from iTunes. You won't be charged again for re-installing.

NOTE: Please email us if you have any questions on One Tap Voice Memos. We guarantee to respond to you within 12 hours!!! Our normal response time is within 1 hour as your email goes direct to our iPhones!!!

Q: How do we backup or save voice memos to our desktop?
OTVM for iPhone and the soon-to-be-released iPad version support backup and save function. To do so, follow the simple steps below:

Connect your device to desktop and launch iTunes:

1. Click at your device from Devices Menu on the left
2. Click at [Apps] from the top menu taps
3. Under File Sharing window, scroll down until you see Voice Memos, click at it
4. You will see the documents window on the right, select any files or all.
5. Click at [Save to...] button and select a folder to save to.


NOTE: One Tap Voice Memos for iPad version 1.21 is released on November 9th, 2011.
★★★★★ CAUTION: Please save your previous recordings by emailing to yourself before upgrading. The new update is using a new method that later allows you to save to the desktop. We apologize for the inconvenience. Or, you can wait to upgrade until the next release, which will automatically restore all your previous recordings. Thank you for your patience. The next release will be available in 2 to 3 weeks.

Q: Is there a panic button?
If you see something that is out of ordinary, for example, something that was working suddenly acting strange. Likely it is caused by some memory issue. Simply reset your device by pressing Home and on/off switch, slide to turn off the device, wait for a few seconds, and restart.

Q: Does it take up any data usage?
No, not at all. OTVM runs online and offline. The only time it takes up data usage is when you email your voice memos via 3G network. Since you will normally do so via WIFI, or via direct connection to your computer, it shouldn't matter.

Q: Can I use OTVM for classroom recording?
Absolutely. OTVM is ultra popular among students. It is non-intrusive because you can mute the beep, disguise the recording screen, and the one tap feature is so simply you can always focus on the lecturer. Also, do you know that you can set the audio quality to LOW to achieve 1-hour of recording for only 12MB of file size? The LOW is actually very clear. Test it first to make sure that you have the best setting. Do you know that you can also create a folder for each class? Then for each lecture you can record multiple sessions? The automatic time stamp feature will organize the recordings for you.

Q: How do I email my voice memos?
Very simple. When you are playing back your voice memo, you can activate the toolbar by double tapping at the screen. It will stop the playback of the voice memo. There are 5 buttons on this toolbar; Home, Edit, Replay, Note, and Email. Tap at the email button if you wish to send the voice memo to anyone.

Again, you are always welcome to email us. Enjoy your One Tap Voice Memos.