Bridal Poses HD (NEW)


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“Life saver for the soon-to-be bride, groom, and photographer friends. The all-in-one look book ...” Carolyn S, the Magnificent Wedding Blogger.

One Tap Camera Poses - Bridal Poses iPad HD Edition contains over 100 high quality bridal poses to get you up to speed. Then, you can move, expand, squeeze, flip, and rotate the pose image to get that exact look you wish. And, with the “what you see is what you get see through the camera” feature, you can snap that perfect shot with just ONE TAP.

Let’s Compare:
✔ Pose through your camera, ONE TAP
✔ Use 100+ bridal poses for reference or for inspiration
✔ 7 categories from the classic bridal poses, to those edgy, playful poses
✔ Designed and researched by professional wedding photographers
✔ Pose to your photo album, create amazing images
✔ Sketch your pose background with professional quality tools
✔ Import your own pose images, build your portfolio
✔ Backup your pose images via iTunes
✔ Flip, move, rotate, expand, squeeze to see impossible angles
✔ Add verbal posing instruction using build-in audio recorder
✔ Advanced database for unlimited folders, unlimited images
✔ Pose directly to 1,000,000 of online images, sky is the limit
✔ Play rich media slideshow with 20 plus transition effects, ONE TAP
✔ Share your portfolio using the movie making tool, ONE TAP
✔ Password protect your portfolio
✔ Email and share any pose image instantly, ONE TAP
✔ Everything included, nothing else to buy
✔ Support iPad 1, iPad 2, and the new iPad. iPad 1 can pose to images from photo album, sketches, user’s library, or Internet.

“iPad Camera comes alive, literally..." Tablet Gadget Review Magazine. This is how simple it is: pick a pose, direct your bride, and one tap will save your perfect shot.

For the Professional Photographers:
✔ One Tap Camera Poses, one image to 100 images. One Tap, take a coffee break, return to your studio with 100 images taken. Let your model do all the work.
✔ Location Scouting
✔ Backdrop Design
✔ Internet Research
✔ Shoot Preparation cannot be easier
✔ Email Model Release and Property Release with Signature
✔ Record Audio Posing Instruction
✔ Write Posing Instruction, broadcast via Apple TV
✔ Create Unlimited Portfolios, email single image, or a video presentation of the entire portfolio
✔ 24/7 Support, all email is answered within 2 business hours (Pacific Standard Time)

“A dream comes true for all the techie photographers. It is a little bit too advanced for the non-technical photographers. The 15-page advanced user’s guide is written beautifully in plain English. For the money, it is a STEAL...” UK-based Technical Photography Journal.

Now, before we match up to our nearest competitors’ pricing (with less than ½ of the features), steal this app at the current incredible low price, NOW!!!

Please note that all pose images are shot in a professional studio with models from the top Hollywood agencies. These images are designed for you to use as poses. You will be creating your own, in no time, with ONE TAP!

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