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Thank you for choosing our Kindergarten Math Interactive Workbook app. We salute you for wanting to know more about us, exercising your due diligence as a parent or teacher.

We are based in Orange County, California. Three of our four team members are parents; our children range from kindergarten to 12th grade. We are a software developer, cloud expert, math professor, and UX designer. This app, along with the cloud community for parents and teachers, took us three years to build. We started to experiment with many different ways of teaching one on one. With 35 apps in the store, our focus is to identify the most effective, longest-lasting app that users can appreciate. We strive to design apps that fuel inspiration and creativity.

What makes us qualified to teach? Good question. As much as we believe we are successful with tutoring our own children (knock on wood), we hired experienced teachers to craft these lessons. But that is never enough, as parents always want the very best for their children. Hence we designed this community to attract teachers and parents with special knowledge who are willing to share. Our goal is to find at least 50 teachers and parents representing expertise in various subject matters as well as the related professions. We will provide them with the best tools possible to create unique lessons that meet and even exceed the Common Core State standards.

A promise means nothing if no action follows. For the time being, please take advantage of the great features and benefits this app is already offering you and your family. Below is additional information that should tell you more about who we are, what we have accomplished so far, and what we are planning for the coming months.
Features & Benefits:

Five domains, nine clusters, and 23 standards from Common Core State Standards
60 specially crafted lessons covering all standards
Unlimited downloads of new lessons from the cloud
Create unlimited practice lessons
Share lessons remotely via email
Tools to create engaging lessons
Interactive lessons to add entertainment and competitiveness values
Certified and experienced kindergarten teachers on the team
Parents can publish lessons and share with other parents
Simple, intuitive, and beautiful user interface. You can start immediately!
12 tutorials to help parents make the best use of this app
Double security & safety measures: parental guidance and password protection
Slideshow mode, good for a single child or the entire classroom
No advertisements
No in-app purchases

Coming Soon:

Guaranteed 1,000 lessons from 50 top professions
Lessons for children with special needs upon request
Statistics and reports to track progress
Integration with English, Arts, Science, Social Science, Physical Education
Advanced tools to create more engaging and entertaining math games
First grade to 12th grade math (separate apps), consistent and progressive
Plus more...

Almost everything you need to teach your children about kindergarten math is included in this app. Do you know that 46 out of 50 U.S. States have adopted the new Common Core State Standards? The standard is scheduled for full implementation by 2015. These are not the bureaucratic standards that burden our children. The standard is created for three main purposes: to assist your child to be 1) career ready, 2) college ready, and 3) globally competitive. We as parents and teachers have translated these standards into creative and engaging mini lessons, each one no more than three minutes in length.

First of all, through playing, your child can learn each of the 23 standards designed for kindergarten children. At the same time, you, as a parent or teacher, can learn the definition of each standard, all with just a single tap.

Then, through your participation and with plenty of examples, you can create unlimited lessons that cater to your child's need. We will provide you with more lessons that further demonstrate each of the 23 standards, from different real life perspectives, and at various levels of difficulty. These lessons are presented as mini games, with fluid drawings, and meaningful concepts (some with annotations), so children can effectively absorb the otherwise complicated math concepts.

You may think it is just some fancy animation with beautiful drawings, but no! These lessons are created and recorded in real time using our patent pending 'Think-Out-Loud' technology. Not only do you see the lesson in action, but you feel the thinking process of the teacher.

A parent's number one concern is the quality of the content. Kindergarten math teachers with years of experience craft our classes. They have earned their master's degrees in instructional technology and have a thorough understanding of common core standards. They are carefully chosen from the best of the best, with the most important criteria being their passion. Even for the most demanding and critical parents, there is a parental guidance feature that can be activated.

No advertising, no in-app purchases, and unlimited downloading of quality content. Our goal is to create the most innovative and effective educational program for parents and teachers to share with their K to 12 children. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We guarantee you a response within 24 hours.

✭✭✭✭✭ Cloud Server is currently under maintenance. Everything else is functioning and all lessons are pre-installed. Lessons can still be shared via email as most of you are currently using. Thank you for your patience.

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