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✯This Page is Still Being Updated. Apple Approved the App Sooner Than We Expected! Model Poses is selected as the Top New and Noteworthy App in iTunes Store within 24 hours (NOW 10 days in a row!!!). We are expanding the FAQ below. If you have any questions, please browse through the FAQ first. ✯

Now, if you own an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod Touch 4th Generation, your camera will come alive. Guaranteed!!! Compare the list below, or read through the story that follows, you will NOT be regretted.

Dare to Compare:

★ 300 Professionally Shot High Quality Poses
★ Zoom, Rotate, Move, Flip, and Alpha Controls
★ One Shot and Continuous Shot with ONE TAP
★ Add Unlimited Poses From External Sources
★ Pose and Reverse Pose (Location Scouting)
★ Build-in Audio Support for Verbal Instruction
★ Build-in Note/Document Support for Written Instruction
★ Email Instantly for Proof or Share
★ Build-in Video Support for Move Visual Instruction
★ Instant Slide Show for Presentation
★ Patent-Pending Movie Making Feature
★ Build-in Sketch Feature for Designers

Note: If you find any app that does more than the above, or even 1/2 of them, we will buy that app for you or refund you the money, happily!!!

“A Must for all photographers and models! Beautiful and Pragmatic!” Is it possible to take 1 to 300 perfectly posed pictures in one hour? Read on...

If you think you know all the poses for your camera, think again. Model poses contain 300 standard model poses to get you up to speed. Then, with the flip, zoom, rotate, and “see through the pose” features, the library can expand to thousands of possibilities. All pose images are shot in a professional studio with models from the top Hollywood agencies. These poses are designed to inspire photographers, models, fashion designers, and art students.

Whether you shoot for casual, glamour, beauty, fashion, or portrait, Model Poses will save you hours of research during your shoot, professionally or as a personal hobby. This is how simple it is: pick a category from sitting to standing, then pick your favorite poses. Have your model in front of the camera, and pose the model with the selected pose superimposed over the camera view. Give instructions to pose via visual, or use the built-in verbal instructions. One single tap will save your perfect shot.

Many advanced features are available only when needed. For example, you can email immediately with model’s signature for proof. You can use the Airplay feature to mirror the real-time camera pose view so your model can pose on her own, also perfect for self-portrait. For those photographers who demand the most, this app supports batch mode where you can set the pose folder, a camera timer, and you can shoot continuously 1 to 100s with just ONE SINGLE TAP. At the end of the shoot, this app provides a time-coded log of every single image taken.

Two years in the making of this app by professional photographers, Model Poses shines with several patent-pending features: create your own portfolio, with audio and music background, plus more than 20 transition effects. You can play them in striking sequence, save them as a movie to your photo album, play them to your TV, or upload them to YouTube or Vimeo. Imagine its endless applications. Send them to your model in advance for preparation, play them during the shoot, or send them to your client for the proof, all done with just a single tap.

Another patent-pending feature allows you to access over 22 million online pose images. May I remind you that it is for viewing only just like you would go online and research on your own. But the app’s build-in feature allows you to type a title or say the title to Siri, and it will find the image for you. You can also snap a photo from a look book, magazine, or any external source just as you would tediously in the past but now with much efficiency. Then use the prepared images for your photo shoot by setting the appropriate alpha value to superimpose onto your live model. The app encourages emulation, not imitation. Hence, we add a sketch function for you to modify the look, draw from scratch, or annotate directly on top of the pose image.

One of the hidden applications that will soon go viral is the Reverse Posing feature. Instead of posing the live model, you pose the model images onto any location. Suddenly your model can fly in the sky, walk on water, sit on your dinner plate, stand next to your best friend. This feature alone will offer you hours and hours of fun, great for parties and practical jokes. You can import your own pose images in various compromising positions and pose yourself in places that would otherwise be impossible, without worrying about a bad hair day. We called this feature “Location Scouting”.

So, whether you crave for simplicity and a quick reference guide, Model Poses is a must. For more information, please come back to this site frequently as this app is going to be the best selling Photography App in iTunes Store.

FAQ #1
In case you do not wish to read the Help File from within the app, and you wish to start posing immediately, simply tap at the Setting Button at the bottom of the home screen. Then tap at Turn On/Off Pose, and tap at Pose. When you exit setting, Voila, you can start pose the image to any place, any time!

FAQ #2
Question: The camera is saving the pose image, how do I turn it off?
Answer: It is clearly explained in the help/information pages. Just in case you don't want to read it, here is how you turn it off: simply tap at the Setting Button at the bottom of the home screen. Then slide [Save Pose] to Off. That's it.

FAQ #3
Question: How does Pose Alpha work?
Answer: Pose Alpha is a slider to adjust how clearly you want to see the Pose Image during posing. Normally when you shoot through a pose image with real model in your camera view, you would set the pose alpha to around mid-way or 50%. Be sure to slide Save Pose to Off so the pose image will not appear in your saved image. Unless, of course, you want to save it.

FAQ #4
Question: How do I save the new images into the application folders?
Answer: Very easy, just go to Settings, and slide Save to Album to Off. You can also change the [Save to Folder]. For example, you want to save all today's shoot to a new folder named "Today's Shoot", simply create a new folder, set [Save to Folder] to Today's Shoot, and slide Save to Album to Off. Then all new images through the pose mode will be saved to this folder. If you prefer smaller file sizes, please set compression to Low, Medium, or High. No Compression will create the largest file size.

FAQ #5
Question: Okay, why so many features?
Answer: Good question, photographers, models are very demanding. We develop this app that a 4-year old can use. However, a professional photographer may use it as a posing guide, shoot it continuously for maximum productivity, send it to client for approval, and print a daily log for future improvement. We will soon publish a 101 usage guide for this app. Stay tuned. For the time being, keep it simple.

FAQ #6
Question: How do I download all the images saved to the application folder?
Answer: This is a fairly standard task but most people do not know how to do it. We will update the document to include a more detailed instruction. Here is a simple way to do it and should not take you more than 1 minute: Connect to your desktop via iTunes. Once connected and iTunes should automatically launch. Then click at your device on the left menu, then from top click at Apps (third item from the left). Once you see a list of apps, scroll down to see all the apps that you have installed. Find "Model Poses" and click at it. Voila, you will see on the window to its right all the files. Simply select one, few, or all, and click at Save To, and save them to your desktop.

FAQ #7
Question: Can I use Photostream and automatically save the images?
Answer: Absolutely! Remember you have to install the Photostream and iCloud according to the instruction from Apple's website. After a successful installation, you can snap some pictures on your device camera and make sure the images appear on your desktop. Now, from the app, go to Settings and slide Save To Album to ON. That's it. Every time you take a picture from the app, it will save to photostream on your device as well as on your desktop. Want to do something really crazy? From Settings, slide [One Shot] to Off and you will be in continuous mode. Then from Settings->Camera Timer, set it to 5, 10, or 20 seconds. Choose the Pose Folder properly as images from this folder will be used if you relaunch the app. Or go to any folder, and select any image. Then immediately your camera timer will start, camera will snap photos using the pose image, one at a time, until all images in the folder are exhausted. Some users are using this feature as a special security camera. YEAH!

FAQ #8
Question: What is Auto Title?
Answer: Auto Title is designed for the laziest photographers, including many of our in-house developers. If it is turned on, whenever you add a new item whether Pose Mode is on or not, the title will be defaulted to the Date+Time. It will save you time if you are in a rush snapping photos for your pose library. Of course, when you have the time, you can sit down and edit the title by naming them properly.

FAQ #9
Question: What do you mean by a million variations?
Answer: With flip, rotate, zoom, and variations from your model such as head movement, eyes direction, hand and feet movement, as slight as it may look, will literally give you over a million variation from the 300 standard pose images. No gimmick, once you have mastered the technique, you will be creating incredible poses like a pro. Practice with confidence on your friends, and family members. Have fun, no pose is considered as a bad pose as beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

FAQ #10
Question: How do I delete an unwanted image from inside the folder?
Answer: Again, forget about the help pages, just follow this simple step: swipe your finger left or right on the item from the folder menu, you should see a red [delete] button appears. Tap at the [delete] button to confirm the deletion. If you change your mind, tap anywhere else. Well if you accidentally delete it? Just go shoot another one. *Caution* Deleting a folder is exactly the same, so be careful because if you did, the entire folder will be deleted. So if you change your mind, just tap at anywhere else. Obviously if you delete the app and reinstall it, all will be recovered except your own saved images.

FAQ #11
Question: How do I upload my own pose images or my private portfolio?
Answer: Just like download, except it is in reverse. Connect to your desktop via iTunes. Once connected and iTunes should automatically launch. Then click at your device on the left menu, then from top click at Apps. Once you see a list of apps, scroll down to see all the apps that you have installed. Find "Model Poses" and click at it. Voila, you will see on the window to its right all the files. Now, click at [Add] button, and select your images from your desktop. Once they are added to your device. You can unplug the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, go to the folder where you want to use your images, click at [+] to add new record, tap at [Image] and when a list of options appear, choose [From User Library], find your images by scrolling up and down. Tap at it to select it. The same rule applies to Document, Audio, and Video.

FAQ #12
Question: How do I use my own cutoff images?
Answer: You need to save your cutoff images as PNG (Transparent) files first. Then before you start adding them to your folder, you need to make sure that the Compression is set at NO COMPRESSION. Only No Compression can save the transparent PNG file in its original format. Otherwise, the image background will be changed to white.

FAQ #13
Question: How do I research poses from the Internet?
Answer: 1) Identify what pose you like to research, 2) From any folder menu, tap at [+] to add a new item, 3) Type a meaningful title, for example "Crouching Pose", 4) Tap at Image, 5) Select From Internet, 6) Voila, you will see all crouching images from the Internet, Tap to select one, 7) When you see [View Full Size] on upper right hand corner, tap at it. If you like it, just tap at [v] or Save button. Done. *Caution* It is the same as if you browse manually online and save them to your photo album. In this case, it is saved to your application folder. Please observe copyright and IP. Use it for posing only!

FAQ #14
Question: How do I use the audio and video features?
Answer: You can use audio as music background, or record your voice for verbal instruction to you model. Yes, music helps a lot. You can use music from your iPod library, or upload your own music, or you can use the build-in microphone to record live. When pose image is selected, the audio will be played. You can control the playback via Play and Pause button (which is a toggle). To activate the Camera button, just tap at the screen. The audio will stop and you can snap the photo. The camera button will appear immediately after the audio playback. The video is for you to record the model posing video and use it for future reference. *Note* Make Movie feature will create videos using images, slide transitions and audio only. If you add your own videos, they will not be combined in the movie. Most copy-protected iPad music will NOT be saved either. Only your supplied music or audio will be saved as part of the movie. WARNING!! It is extremely addictive. Turn on NO SLEEP mode if you anticipate a long movie. We recommend no more than 300 slides on iPhone 4S, or 100 slides on all other devices. A rule of thumb, 300 slides on iPhone 4S will create an 18 minutes video, 50MB file, and it takes approximately 7 minutes. It is super fast because of iPhone 4S' dual core CPU.

FAQ #15
Question: Are there any future updates?
Answer: Of course, your purchase includes all future update, even though the price will increase. Do expect a better user interface, a better user experience. As perfect as we think this app is, your comments are valuable to us. We will most definitely respond to all your inquiry and prioritize them for future updates. Thank you in advance.

FAQ #16
Question: Can you tell me more about Flip, Zoom, rotate, and Move?
Answer: Yes, it warrants a more detailed answer. Everyone knows the most intuitive way to flip, zoom and move is to simply use your fingers. No buttons, no sliders, they are so clumsy. To move, use one finger and touch the image and hold then move any direction. Release your finger to stop there. To zoom, use 2 fingers, touch the image firmly, expand your finger to zoom in, close in your fingers to zoom out. You can literally zoom in and out infinitely. To rotate, again use 2 fingers and turn up to 360 degrees. Flip is the easiest one but may not be obvious. Just tap at the center/left side of the image, the pose image will flip horizontally. If you are a left handed users, just tap at the center/right side of the image. Play with it, you can always start over. This is a great way to design your own pose. Identify amazing angles you normally will not be able to ask your model to do unless you use Photoshop. Now, do it with Model Poses.

FAQ #17
Question: Is this app age appropriate?
Answer: Absolutely. It is rated 4+, approved by iTunes store. Although it is designed mainly for photographers and models, nowadays everyone has a camera and deserve to learn how to shoot with confidence, hence this app. All content are produced in studio in a professional setting, to yield the best quality content possible. Model Poses is designed with collaboration among photographers, models and our expert developers. We use it all the time for professional models as well as aspiring models. If you want the perfect shot, this is the ultimate de facto reference guide. P.S. Many of our 4-year old users are playing with this app and amazed by how a person can be everywhere.

FAQ #18
Question: Why am I not able to sync the app after purchase?
Answer: First of all, you must have iOS 5.0 or above. If you purchase directly from your device, iTunes store will verify that your device is compatible. However, if you purchase the app from your desktop/laptop computer, you should always verify that the app is compatible with your device. Another possible reason is you are having the older iPhone or iPod Touch. Model Poses support the following iOS devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPod Touch 4th Generation, and iPod 3rd Generation. Remember however, that the camera feature obviously would require a camera-equipped device.

Quick Support
Don't want to read the FAQ? No problem. Just email us direct at and we guarantee a response within 2 hours in the U.S. Or 12 hours outside the U.S.

We will be publishing many creative packs for the Model Poses. We have already scheduled the following packs: Fitness Pack, Ballet Dance Pack, Yoga Pack, Western Pack, Street Fashion Pack, and Modern Dance Pack. Feel free to suggest any theme. If you are a professional photographer, you are welcome to contact us and we can create a "brand" for you. Be creative, explore the world!

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