InApp Link to Mobile Sites

When we promised that your investment in this language learning app will pay off now and future, we are not bragging. As more and more online language learning websites being converted to mobile websites, you are not left in the dark. With 2 easy taps you can instantly create in application links to these growing list of mobile websites.

Say for example you found that BBC has a superb website for teaching 30 different languages. Although they are not as versatile as our apps in dynamically creating lessons, they do offer expert created content which can supplement your learning appetite. As you surf via Google (*1), you identify such site. Simply tap and hold your finger to the URL link (those that begin with http://xxx), a pop-up will appear asking if you want to Copy the link, tap at copy. Then, in your app, tap at "+" to create a new lesson. Inside your note field, tap and hold your finger until a pop-up appears asking you if you want to paste. Tap paste and the URL link will be pasted to it. That's it. Start the lesson, tap at the Note and you will be taken to the mobile website immediately.

As we are improving our website continuously, we will post tons of links that allow you to easily create such link. We would suggest you to create a new category "External Links" and put all your favorite mobile websites in this folder. For example: advanced grammar, advanced business language, conversational German, Traveling Italian... The Sky is the limit!

NOTE 1: If you are already inside the website, you can tap at the URL address on the top and hold until the pop-up appears allowing you to Select All and Copy the link. Well, the worst case scenario is that just simply enter the URL link inside your Note. Remember that 1) it must start with http:// and 2) the URL link must be the only statement inside this note. Sorry, we did try our best so you don't have to break your fingernail.

NOTE 2: To embellish your external link, you can easily create an image using the Internet Image feature. Capture a nice image of the website or doodle it with a caption to remind you the wonderful folks who created the website. Most importantly, you can easily identify the link with the big thumbnail and the URL address from the folder. Please limit 100,000 links in each folder. (just kidding).

NOTE 3: By the way, it doesn't have to be a mobile website. Any URL address can be linked. It is just that a mobile website is more smart phone friendly.

NOTE 4: please note that this is not the HTML code reserved for the advanced users. Read "Add an Online Dictionary" for tips on more advanced features. We hope, however, you will never need to use the HTML code. But it is always nice to know that it is available to you when you grow into it.

Attention Users: You are welcome to post your new found websites that you think other users can benefit from. Owners of "cool" websites that teach/entertain our users are also welcome to use the comment section below to post their links. We will test and filter the links so if they are posted, it means that they are approved.