Using Advanced HTML Code inside Note Page


You can enter HTML codes inside your note. The quickest way is to copy and paste codes from your website and/or email. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1: user iPhone browser and go to
Step 2: tap inside the box
Step 3: tap and hold until select/select all popup appears
Step 4: tap Select All, and tap copy
Step 5: go to your app, add a new lesson, enter subject "Dictionary"
Step 6: go to Note Field, hold until paste popup appears, tap paste
Step 7: save it and you are done. You can use Internet Image and get an image of a dictionary.
Step 8: to use dictionary, tap at it, when image and the buttons appear, tap at the "T" or Note button. Dictionary will appear. Depending on your Internet speed, it may take a few seconds.

Sample Online Dictionary

This sample below allows you to create a link to the free online dictionary. Just change the language name to any language of your choice. If the online dictionary is no longer available, you simple change the link.

Sample Math Game
Below is a link to a public domain page with interactive math quizzes. Replace anything after url= with any cool url address you found on the Internt.

Sample Tip Calculator
This is a sample web-based iPhone application. You can write your own web application and link directly from your app.

Sample Link to Online Video
This is a link to a high quality quicktime movies. However, if WIFI is not available, the movie quality will degrade to match the bandwidth.

Sample Link to Online Image
You can link directly to any online images using the sample below. Just replace the URL link. A small image with a size of 320x480 can be loaded really fast.

Sample Link to Youtube Videos
You can go to Youtube and copy the URL link or embedded link and paste into your note page. The example below is using the URL link. With URL link, you would be required to tap [Play] button to play the video.

Google Search Sample

Google Translator

Just create a lesson inside a "Too" category and add these codes and you will have a handy dictionary and translator instantly. You can translate from to any languages and cut and paste the results into your new lessons. Build a lesson plan from K-12 easily. Ignore the content as the link will take you directly to Google Translator mobile site.

Link to This Page
Since we may have new tips and samples in the future, you may want to create a record that link directly to this page.

Note: Yes, you can manually enter the HTML code inside any of your note page.