Myth of Ratings & Reviews

In case you are wondering why there is few or no rating/review of some of our apps. Here is our findings and our objective opinions:

1. As apps are rapidly saturating the store, majority of apps will receive little or NO ratings at all. So your worry may be a wishful thinking. ;)

2. For paid apps, you will receive 1 rating per 50 to 100 sales. The range depends on various factors. People are just plain lazy and the process is not that user friendly.

3. For free apps, you will receive 1 rating per 50 to 250 sales. Freebies are mostly forgettable unless they are so terrible and waste of time users are compelled to report the bad experience.

4. The ratio between review and rating is approximately 1 review per 50-100 ratings. Somehow we suspect that a good number of the reviewers are professional bloggers. You can check their history by clicking at their names. Anyway, the ratio between Download/sale to Reviews can be 1 to 2,500-5,000.

5. First few reviews are usually from developers friends/family, so adjust your formula ;)

6. The way how the rating works, you are likely to get more 1 or 2 stars ratings than 4 or 5 stars. It is easier to rate an app when it is being deleted. The reason users are deleting your app is because they don't like it. Those who love your app will keep it and therefore not too much chance of rating it. So even the best apps after a larger sample size, 3.5 stars is considered as pretty good.

7. Users are getting smarter, they may search only the bad reviews and try to decipher how truthful they are. On the other hand users are getting dumber, they don't know how to rate or write a review. Many of them don't know that ipod nano cannot run an app, ipod touch cannot take photos, etc. Be as clear as possible with your description. Definitely add a video demo of your app on your website. (easy said than done =)

8. Reviews are manipulative, especially by publishers with big marketing budget. They got caught but no serious penalty. So for smaller publishers, just watch and learn.

In summary, according to our survey, most users are happy customers and they are discovering many uses of our apps. Many of them are buying the app in pairs. Meaning that they will recommend their friends in the U.S. or overseas to buy the same app so they can share and exchange lessons. The fact that they are constantly using the app, it eliminates the chance for them to write a review or to rate it.

Our suggestions: we do appreciate those who took time to give us positive (or negative) reviews. Notice that those who gave us low rating (luckily only a few) did not write any reviews at all. We are very proud of our support staff. Unfortunately they are under-utilized. You can try to send an email with your suggestions and you will be pleasantly to find out how quickly you will receive a response.